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Chamber Model Innovation (CMI)

Integra Seven is on a Mission to Transform Chambers of Commerce and Foster Economic Growth around the world.


One of its kind Partnership

Integra Seven is the official partner of International Chamber of Commerce in transforming chambers of commerce globally using Integra Seven’s chamber model innovation framework. For more info on CMI, visit ICC's related section on their website here.

How we do it

CMI Methodology was first introduced by ICC/WCF in November 2021. The new framework provides guidance on how any Chamber in the world can start streamlining existing service portfolio and creating new value proposition focusing on acute members’ needs in the most cost and time-effective manner. 

Our CMI trainings are available in three different workshop lengths: 

  1. 10 weeks: The participants are trained to design new services and test ideas in a time- and cost-effective manner while being guided by the facilitators throughout the process.

  2. 2.5 days: Intensive training is focused on harnessing team skills in development of new services and experiments.

  3. 3.5 hours: An engaging online session for chamber's business executives where they get familiar with step-by-step processes of service design and experimentation at their organization.

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Our Subject Matter Experts


Natalia Sycheva

Founder and Managing Director 

Integra Seven


Hamad Buamin

Chairman of the Board



Yassin Al Suroor

Founder, President & CEO

A'amal Group

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Connect with us!

Join us now to unlock the potential of your chamber with our CMI training! Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to entrepreneurship and drive impactful change within your organization.

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